If the acquisition is approved by regulators, the 12 member cooperatives would:

  • Deliver safe, reliable and affordable electricity to a total additional 43,000 electric accounts throughout southern Minnesota.
  • Add up to 70 employees to the cooperatives, bringing together the talents of professionals from Alliant Energy with those in our own cooperatives to better serve our member-owners’ needs.
  • Gain new economies of scale to spread our fixed costs over more member-owners.
  • Extend cooperative membership to affected Alliant Energy customers, entitling them to all of the benefits of cooperative membership, including voting rights, board representation and the opportunity to earn capital credits.
  • Operate as not-for-profit cooperatives that are owned and controlled by the members they serve. 

Find Your Co-op

If you're an Alliant Energy customer or employee, more information can be found here: